Frank D. Heuszel Chief Executive Officer American Pacific Bancorp
Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and a Practicing attorney.

Mr. Frank Heuszel has been in banking his entire professional career and as a banker he has served as Auditor, CFO, Manager of Special Assets, Creditor Officer and General Counsel.

Excellent banking reputation as a strong credit officer, special assets manager, director of compliance and banking operation officer.

For over 30+ years, he has served and managed bank's with assets as small as $1.5 billion to over $65 Billion. Leading a Special Assets Group team which service problem loan portfolio consisting of over 2,300 loans. On average his department managed a $4.6 plus billion commercial problem loan portfolio.

Specialise in design and implementation of credit polices related to all commercial problem loans, proper loan grading and calculation of related loan loss reserves.

Merger and acquisition of over 25 financial institution, nonbanking businesses and FDIC failed financial institutions.

Successfully solved a portfolio of problem loans that exceeded 230% of capital and assisted in taking banks public or selling the bank